About This Project

Domestic Customers

We receive a large amount of repeat domestic business and new enquiries are often due to word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our qualified surveyors provide all the advice you need to enable you to come to an informed decision about next steps for your trees.

Once our written quotation is accepted, we will carry out planning checks and arrange a date for your tree work. Our teams are professionally trained and will discuss the job process and health and safety requirements with you.

Planning procedure explained…

Regardless of where a tree is situated, there are possible planning conditions to consider.

Trees can be protected, singularly, or in a group, by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), or by being situated within a Conservation Area (CA).  Any tree can be covered by these categories regardless of the species, or who planted it.  However, if a tree is under 75mm in diameter (measured from 1m above the ground) then a CA cannot protect it as it is not considered substantial enough.

If protected trees are worked on without written permission from a local authority, the consequences are serious: this is why we check and gain any permission required on your behalf.