About This Project

Commercial Customers

Ushers has a wide range of commercial clients. Many make use of our 24-hour emergency call-out service.  We are a member of the Construction Industry Scheme. We are experienced in writing site specific method statements and risk assessments.

Commercial clients can receive digital photos of our tree work highlighting our technical quality standards.

Local authorities

We work for local authorities on a term or framework contract basis, and also ‘ad-hoc’, on highways trees, those in parks and gardens, and on housing sites. Teams are trained in Signing, Lighting & Guarding competencies, and Excavation in the Highway.

Housing associations

Our tree work services depend on requirements and budgets. We are typically retained on a term or framework contract basis, although we are happy to carry out one-off jobs. We offer a friendly and professional approach when liaising with housing association residents. We often provide tree surveying as part of our management package.

We provide tree work and vegetation management services for utilities companies and we are able to extend our geographic range based on work volumes.

Woodland management

We have experience of working on historic heritage sites, re-introducing coppice woodlands, and ensuring strong biodiversity within woodland eco systems.

We have specialist plant for woodland work including caterpillar-tracked wood chippers.