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Tree Surveys / Reports

Individual home owners and commercial clients have a legal obligation and a duty of care to have their trees inspected by a suitably qualified person. This can be crucial should an incident occur in which damage or injury is sustained.

All of our tree surveys/reports are backed by a professional indemnity insurance of £2 million. The company has trained professionals to carry out these tasks, and maintains continual professional development with specific training days.

Below are various services that we can provide in this area.

Tree Surveys

CSG (Usher’s) offers client-specific tree surveys. The information included is agreed with the client prior to the work being carried out. These surveys may cover basic information, or could be fully- comprehensive detailed surveys, with priority-measured recommendations within a set timescale.

We often offer tree surveys at a reduced rate on the provision that we are the preferred contractor for awarded work.

Tree Reports

This is a growing market for which we have dedicated qualified staff.

We are often asked to carry out construction-related reports in accordance with British Standard BS5837 ‘Trees in relation to Design, Demolition & Construction Recommendations’.

Insurance reports are approached in a slightly different way, varying from single to multiple trees, and often including a full site survey.

Mortgage reports are structured in a similar fashion, and may be a requirement for mortgage purposes.

Tree Inspections

Tree inspections are either carried out from the ground, or with an aerial inspection performed by a suitably qualified arborist. Both types of inspection encompass the information that is found on the day.

It is always helpful for the client to provide any historic information concerning the site to give the inspector all possible information that may relate to the tree(s) involved.

Client Function / Complete Package

It may be beneficial for commercial clients to outsource their entire tree management to a single contractor. This can have significant financial benefits: a good example is free surveying of all sites, which would normally be outsourced on a separate budget.

Our experience includes:

Tower Hamlets

Following an unplanned event when the local authority tree officer left, CSG (Usher’s) was asked to step-in during the interim period while a new local authority tree officer was being recruited.

While continuing with our core tree work contract, we also handled the client’s programme of tree surveying for their highways tree stock. This gave us valuable experience of the tree officer’s role and the use of ezytreev tree management software.


As a market leader within the housing association sector, Peabody made the decision to tender all work, including the tree surveying package. This coincides with its three-year estate management plan, for which CSG (Usher’s) get an annual budget, with geographic regions to work to.

We survey all sites, making recommendations of work for the client’s approval. Following authorisation, planning applications are submitted where necessary before commencement of work.

Peabody saves not only on administration costs, but also on initial tree survey data which is carried out by CSG (Usher’s) free of charge.

Tower Hamlets Community Housing

We have recently been awarded a five-year contract for this housing association. The remit was to put together a complete package of work, including all tree surveys and any additional paperwork, against a five-year budget.

CSG (Usher’s) prepared a complete tree management programme against the initial budget and looks forward to fulfilling the client’s requirements.

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