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Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed has become a serious issue for householders and corporate managers alike. CSG (Usher’s) has invested heavily in both training and equipment for dealing with this pest species.

Householders frequently encounter difficulties in selling their properties if Japanese Knotweed is found on the property, or even in adjoining properties. We offer customers a Five Year Eradication Warranty for the elimination of this species.

The company continues to research new techniques for its control, and will offer these to our clients once they are proved to be effective.

5 year guarantee

All of our Japanese Knotweed treatment contracts include our 5 Year Warranty as standard. Once this programme of treatment has been completed we will then be prepared to offer a further 5 Year Warranty for the site involved. The warranty covers the individual site and can be transferred to another owner should the property change hands.

It should be noted that our warranty does not cover Japanese Knotweed that invades from an adjacent property, or to damage which may have been caused by the Japanese Knotweed itself. It should be noted that should the canes left after the initial spraying be removed or tampered with in any way this warranty will then be invalid.

10 year guarantee

In some circumstances, mortgage providers may require an extended warranty which covers the site for up to 10 years. We are prepared to offer such a warranty, provided that a further plan is agreed with the client. Details of which can be agreed on a site specific basis.

Japanese Knotweed

Below is a photo of the pest in question!

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