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Invasive Species Control

This is a growing market place which is tightly regulated. CSG (Usher’s) offers a chemical application solution. We can carry out one-off sprays or complete infestation programmes tailored to client requirements. The aim is control, or complete eradication.

The company has staff qualified in the use and application of herbicides, pesticides & fungicides, particularly around waterways. This gives an assurance that no unnecessary chemicals are being leeched into the surrounding environment. Bio-security is a fundamental focus and we lay out various precautions required to prevent the spread of chemicals/disease both on and off site.

We identify the invasive species in question, and use the appropriate chemical with the correct active ingredient to target the source.

Traditionally, pesticides application has been used for the treatment of Brown Tail Moth found within trees. A more recent problem is Oak Processionary Moth (OPM). We also undertake various treatments for aphids and fungi, which commonly occur in fruit trees.

The most prolific herbicide treatment we apply is on Japanese Knotweed which has become a major problem for our housing association clients. Japanese Knotweed can cause considerable insurance and mortgage problems.

The company also carries out general weed spraying programmes: these could be one-off sprays following a site clearance, spot-spraying to target specific areas, or structural-spraying to maintain clear access to public areas.

For the last two years, we have carried out a full structural-spraying programme for Fountains on the Canal & River Trust contract for the entire south east region of the canal.

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